2023-24 Outreach Group Auditions

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42201 N 41st Dr Ste. B100, Anthem, AZ 85086, USA
Apr 12 2023
2023-24 Outreach Auditions
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2023-24 Outreach AUDITIONS 

Ages 11-18
Wednesday, April 12th
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


We are looking for a dedicated and talented group of performers ages 11-18 who will represent MTA at various community events throughout the Valley. Current Outreach members will need to audition in order to be considered for the new season.

Due to the extraordinary amount of interest in Outreach, we will be making two groups.

Red Group (casting 12-15 performers): October through March rehearsals, Veterans Day Parade, and Holiday-related gigs, MTA Holiday Show, plus events such as a Friendsgiving bonding activity, Secret Santa, and our Annual Bowl-a-thon! This group would also learn a "Song of the Year” that would be sung at our Annual Benefit and parents are expected to join a committee for the event.

Gold Group (casting 8-12 performers): Year-round commitment of Veterans and Holiday-related gigs, MTA Holiday Show, plus events such as Team Building, Travel Options, Secret Santa, our Annual Bowl-a-thon, a Lock-in, a Miscast Cabaret with Alumni, and more! This group would also learn a "Song of the Year” that would be sung at our Annual Benefit and parents are expected to join a committee for the event.

By providing two options, we are offering the opportunity for more leaders to emerge and for people to be able to focus on productions and classes throughout the entire season. If you feel that you may view your placement in either of these groups in a negative light, please do not audition as it is not our intention to divide or single out members of our MTA community. If you prefer to only be considered for the Red Group, please let us know in your audition. Ambassadors will be required to be in the Gold Group. Groups will be equally featured in the Holiday Show.

Seeking positive, motivated, and experienced individuals who want to make a difference in their community and grow as musical theatre artists and young people. Skills learned will include singing in complicated harmony in original arrangements, music theory, performance and cabaret techniques, dance and movement skills, public speaking, interacting with adults at events, time management, organization, strong work ethic, confidence and pride in your work, and much more! Interested performers should be strong singers and actors and have dance ability as there will be numbers featuring dance while singing.

Within the Gold group, we will select a small group of 6-8 ambassadors who are very strong part singers, have great movement ability or dance experience, and are outstanding performers. These members will be attending certain gigs where there are space constraints, last minute opportunities to perform, etc.

For close to 15 years, MTA Outreach Members have incredible success stories and credit much of their success to MTA's program as well as the Outreach Group. We hope that if you are chosen to be a part of these select groups, you will remain an active participant throughout your high school years until you graduate. A great amount of time and work is put into arranging harmonies and only committing to one year makes it very time-consuming to rearrange and reassign the harmonies the following year. Outreach is similar to a National Honors Society program and is not just a "performance troupe."

Please note that we are able to work around the MTA Calendar, and school conflicts such as choir, dance, and band concerts. In addition, we will work with your private vocal or instrument lessons and studio dance schedules. Unfortunately, we are unable to work with schedules from other performance troupes as the schedules tend to overlap and it is a conflict of interest. For example, a person would not be on two competitive sports teams simultaneously. Thank you for your understanding and realizing the importance of honoring your commitments.

Outreach members are selected with assistance from all MTA production staff using a points system. Outreach is not only a talent-based group, many factors are taken into account when casting including commitment to MTA and behavior. Outreach is a commitment for the entire family.

We are unable to cast everyone in Outreach; if you are not selected this year, please continue to audition as more spots open up as performers graduate.


Register Here - https://mta.jumbula.com/202324OutreachGroup/202324OutreachGroupAuditions
Outreach Potential Gig Dates 2023-24
Outreach Contract 2023-24 (for reference, if selected)

Sign up for a five minute audition slot here - 

Prepare a one minute musical theatre song with accompaniment (phone or CD is acceptable, or email your track to [email protected])

After you sing, you may be asked an interview question from the list below:

Why do you want to be a part of the outreach group?
Why do you feel it is important to give back to your community, etc?
What strengths can you bring to the group?
What is an opportunity for growth that you see within yourself?
What does honoring your commitment mean to you?
Returning Members: What have you learned this past year? What was the most rewarding activity for you?

Please reference the Outreach Contract and Potential Gig Dates Document with tentative rehearsal and performance dates. We ask that you reserve these dates, and as the school year starts and you receive any school conflicts, we will solidify the dates as best as possible so you know your schedule far in advance. We appreciate your flexibility as sometimes rehearsals or gigs may change.

Class dates



Participants must be 11 years to 18 years old when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 05/06/2022.

In-person location

42201 N 41st Dr Ste. B100, Anthem, AZ 85086, USA
Registration closed.